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Mini golf course lake area with waterfall and boat filled with loot in the background
Active steps to Respect, Protect and Enjoy
Did you know Smugglers Cove’s epic Adventure golf had an ECO-redible start to its tale?
Posted June 14, 2023

After many hours of well thought out plans to introduce a new high quality family attraction of one of the most beautiful seafronts in the EU; everything was created with the environment in mind. The teams involved used recycled and eco-friendly materials from the get-go, ensuring we reduced our environmental footprint by upcycling old materials that would otherwise end up in landfill. We used 800 metres of recycled groyne planks and 28 recycled rum barrels when building the 18 hole outdoor attraction. All 25 tradesmen and woman who helped build the course were local to Bournemouth to lower the environmental impact, cut carbon footprint as well as support local businesses. Watch the build come together here.

Even after our grand opening on the 31 July 2019 we have continued regularly assess and think of new ways to implement eco-friendly practices and reduce our environmental footprint. This includes selling reusable water bottles in our kiosk, halving the size of our paper gift vouchers, and using paper bags instead of plastic for our gift shop. In 2020 during the pandemic, we introduced our digital scorecard which was downloaded over 7,600 times over a two-year period. Due to the popularity of the traditional scorecard, we have developed the way our scorecards and leaflets are produced so not only are they recyclable, but go through less processes in the manufacturing stage in order to be more environmentally friendly. Inside our kiosk, our décor includes recycled cans, bottles and crates.

We all play a part in saving the planet! One of the most efficient ways of lowering our environmental impact is by travelling responsibly. We encourage choosing a more sustainable way to visit us, either by walking, cycling or using public transport when you can. So jump on your bike, grab your step counter and visit Bournemouth’s Smugglers Cove Adventure Golf recognised by Tripadvisor’s 2022 Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best Award!

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